Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

Who says women can not be skinned to look beautiful? Every woman can look beautiful and stunning using the right makeup, as well as those with dark skin. There is a special trick for those who use makeup in the dark so they can be radiated natural beauty perfectly.

Having darker skin does not need to cover it. Precisely make up for dark skin will further highlight the best parts of your face. Below are some tips to make up for dark skin you can imitate to complement your appearance so that you look beautiful and charming.

With dark skin tends to be oily so prone skin and blackheads, so if you choose the foundation, you can choose a foundation with a lightweight formula. Additionally select a color foundation slightly darker than your skin tone. foundation that is too light it will make you look like a mask.

The owners usually have dark skin color dark brown or black eyes. You can highlight the color of brick to frame the eyes using colors such as burgundy-brown, almond, bronze or chopper for color eyeshadow.

To highlight cheekbones, you can use a blush on. Choose a blush color that tend to have brown shades like orange, peach or purplish brown. Your face will glow with a slight wash of bronze color on cheekbones, nose and forehead.

To complete your look, of course, lipstick became mandatory items that you should consider. You can choose the color of toffee, golden brown or nude-colored lip gloss to match the color of your skin.

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