Tips Shown Dressed Retro

Dressing retro is the main attraction for some people. Despite now being in a different fashion, but winning retro look gets attention.

Some enthusiasts of retro fashion is sometimes difficult to find clothes that can show the impression of retro and what is important is in accordance with the shape of her body. If you want to try a retro dress with a retro impression, then you can look for inspiration.

There are some artists who like a vintage Hollywood style or retro style. Some of which are Zoey Deschanel, Diana Agron, and Taylor Swift. They can be your role model in trying to dress retro.

Some types of clothes that will feature retro impression is given that clothing with motifs such as stripes, polka dots, florals and more. For his own material in addition to cotton, there are also chiffon and lace.

Mix and match colors are also very important as donker blue with white dots and a vintage piece, you can easily add it with a red belt or brown. It will reinforce the impression of retro.

In addition you can also Daisy Duke shorts with a plain white shirt tops and fitted with a boot or shoe that looks retro.

Slightly retro style make-up will make you look more perfect. In addition, you can also easily search for accessories such as handbags, earrings, wallets and so to reinforce the impression of retro in your display.


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