Stripey Style Fashion Style In accordance with your taste

Stripey Style or what we call the style lines is not dead. Style like this is always a trend and it is very interesting to be applied. Well, there are so many ways to wear a stripey style. Various themes can you get by wearing a stripey style. You can look in the style of vintage, hipster, boho, chic, and much more. Apply the theme you select to get the look you want.
If you want to look classic or vintage style, you can use the stripey dress has a vintage designs and colors are a little faded. You can apply it with shoes that made vintage design as well. If you want to look chic, you can wear jeans, with a stripey top and paired with a blazer. Surely you will look beautiful and chic with these alloys. For the boho style, you do not need to be confused, you can wear a dress with an A or a summer dress with a stripey pattern. To accentuate your boho style, then you can wear a bag and shoes or sandals that have boho detail. You can also show through accessories such as necklaces and bracelets and earrings.
Stripey style is very fun to be applied to other styles. Make sure you try the stripey style and taste to adjust your dress.

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