Health and Beauty a la Miranda Kerr

Who does not know the beautiful models of Victoria’s Secret, Miranda Kerr? Beautiful model from Australia is renowned for her beauty and elegance. He was also the wife of famous actor Orlando Bloom. In addition to a beautiful body, Miranda Kerr is also known for its healthy lifestyle that makes it always look beautiful and healthy. Certainly not easy to keep the body in order to stay slim but Miranda does assume that healthy living is the key to everything.

With a healthy lifestyle, so he managed to get a beautiful body. Yoga is his favorite sport and he always found time to do yoga every day. Sometimes he also did other sports such as running and climbing. Exercise really is the key to getting a toned and healthy body. Besides Miranda Kerr also only consume foods that give good nutrition for the body. Foods low in carbohydrates and contains high alkaline diet is healthy he meant. He also relied meal supplements made ​​from berries that are able to provide a myriad of benefits for both health and beauty.

He admitted after giving birth, she only went to the gym doing sit-ups, squad, as well as push-ups during pregnancy because she did a lot of yoga. Yoga helps to maintain the shape of the body.

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