False and true about tanning

We almost always have doubts million to tan, do not know if it is better natural tan or would it be better to use the airbrush tanning

Definitely the best protection we can have against the sun’s rays are clothes and a cap or hat, as these naturally protect us, however there are areas that can not be covered as the face or hands, sometimes feet if we use sandals, in these cases we should use sunscreen on exposed parts of the body like face and hands, but you should never use sunscreen to prolong sun exposure

If it is very necessary that you should be exposed to the sun, you must use all the means of protection that can, ie clothing, sunglasses, hats or caps, and your sunscreen


False: If you do not feel the sun’s heat, do not burn

True: Sunburn so by exposure to UV imperceptible, the thermal effect by the infrared radiation from the sun and UV radiation

False: A tan is healthy

True: I really tan is a natural response or defending the body against damage by UV radiation

False: If you rest between exposures do not burn

True: The radiation exposure is accumulated throughout the day

False: In the water do not burn

True: The protection provided by the water against UV rays is minimal, including water reflections can increase exposure

False: UV rays are not dangerous during winter

True: UV radiation is lower in the winter, you should be especially cautious during the early spring, when the temperature is low but the sun’s rays are much stronger than we normally think

False: The sunscreen protects me from the sun.

True: A dark tan in people with fair skin only offers little protection, these individuals are more susceptible to the sun’s rays, you need a sunscreen of at least 50 to protect you achieve, if you can use a dark complexion protective factor 40

False: Barrier creams allow much time sunbathing

True: We should not use sunscreens to prolong sun exposure, should only be used to increase the protection when exposure is unavoidable

False: On cloudy days you do not burn

True: Up to 80% of UV rays can penetrate cloud cover sparse, so actually you get rid of sunburned if there is a cloudy day, even the haze of the atmosphere could increase exposure to UV rays

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