The Mystical Power of Batu Merah Delima

Is ruby stones have the power:
1. Immune from any weapons and that both that zohir ghoib.
2. Treatment for all diseases.
3. Who has a supernatural who Reliable.
4. Being able to change the water in the glass to red blood (remember that genuine change slowly and more than 1 cup).

Before we think there is much about the rubies, the better we analyze first about rubies.

Try to open first in English books. what is meant by Ruby certainly means rubies. then the meaning of rubies or ruby stone resulting from any country, of course the answer came from the mining countries of Burma, Thailand, India and Africa. “If you do not believe the same please ask uncle google (search on google). Meanwhile in Indonesia found no ruby / garnet red. If if there is a claim that there are people who find the rubies found in Indonesia. Means strange people.

So what is a ruby?
Ruby gems, known in Indonesia as Mirah pomegranate, pomegranate red, or ruby is a red gemstone can vary from pink to blood red and is one type of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). The color is mainly caused by chromium. Its name is derived from the contents of pomegranate red colored. Natural rubies are very rare, but can be manufactured artificial ruby quite cheaply. Rubi is considered one of the four precious stones along with sapphire, emerald, and diamond.

Many people believe that rubies are the rock has a supernatural element as when put in water colors glowing rock, the water turns red and the body become resistant to wear bias. That people of Indonesia who still believe in things unseen cult objects. Pantasan those who think this way in terms of lost intellectual. For example, lose as a westerner (less smart, less economically, technologically and lose everything). Moreover, these are the people who claim to be a Muslim. Do they never learn about the science of Islam, for the people who idolize or sacred unseen objects such as rubies contain supernatural elements including people who shirk or superstition. It’s a shame people of Islam have such thoughts, they better get out of the religion of Islam.

But definitely rubies in the English language is Ruby stones. Ruby stones are found in Burma, India and Africa. While no companies found rubies or ruby.

To determine the ruby or rubies are:

1. Her stone has a stone fiber
2. The stone was heavy and feel cold than touch the glass or synthetic crystals.

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