How to Make Crafts from Flannel

It was not only the energy consumption or restrictions on the use of plastic bags are not environmentally friendly in order implanted the concept of “Green”. But the design of accessories this year also presents the concept of the “Go Green”, both in terms of design that refers to the natural motif2 like a butterfly, dragonfly or a snake motif, but also the selection of materials and stone a more “green” such as quartz, beryl alexandrite , which has natural colors like brown toward yellow.

In addition to these natural warna2, warna2 pastel like olive green, brown like the color of milky coffee, light blue or pink salmon will also adorn many warna2 trend this year.

In terms of design, impressive light and transparent accessories are expected to emerge with an emphasis on interesting detail on one part replaces memorable desain2 weight from the previous year.

Apart from the basic form processing natural forms such as birds and implementing the design in 3 dimensions, processing these formations can also be played from the point of fusion colors. For example, the color shocking pink, combined with neutral colors like brown or abu2. Mixture rather than flashy warna2 who then re-combined with monotone colors will also appear in season this time.

Apart form animals natural or other forms of nature, other forms will be found many who also is an irregular shape than batu2an or metal.

The latter, combined some of the material will also brighten up.
So, manikers, now we are going to free expression keliatannya. Want to mix colors, mix materials, mix various forms … legitimate legitimate aja .. as long as they refer to Go GREEN!!!!


Crafts with flannel today to be one of the very attractive handicrafts. Making a pretty easy and the ingredients are easy to find of course the main reason because it can be made in addition to a variety of objects.

Here are a variety of sewing and a skewer stick decorative crafts used in flannel:

1. Plugs Feston

Feston Plugs are used to combine two pieces of flannel and flannelette tidy suburbs.

2. Plugs Rollers

Plugs rollers are also used to join two pieces of flannel. If done carefully it will be yielding much more neat stitching and subtle than feston puncture.

3. Stab stab trail

Stab stab traces are used to make the mouth shapes.

4. Plugs Flat

This flat skewers used to make the shape of the nose.

5. Plugs Bars

Plugs bars are usually only used as a garnish.

Materials and tools used in the manufacture of flannel crafts include:

embroidery thread
sewing needle
dacron / cotton
multipurpose glue (all pupose adhesive), PVAc glue, melty stick (glue stick)
glue gun (glue shoot)
complementary materials (key chains, mobile phone chains, hair clips, hair band, brooch

Here are some forms of handicrafts made of flannel:

Keychain Keropi

How to make:

1. Make a pattern of paper then cut out.

2. Scissors flannel suit pattern that has been made in the paper.

3. Pairs of eyes and mouth shape to make flannel keropi form. To be able to use glue their eyes shoot. To make the mouth using a skewer pierced trail.

4. Combine the two pieces of flannel keropi shape, use sticks feston jahi him. Save some sections to include dacron then after entering dacron finish by sewing using a skewer feston.

5. Shares slipped a rope to tie it keychains.

6. Flannel scissors with rounded shapes to paste on the cheek.

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