Shown Beautiful Must Not Kill Wildlife

Today many women who want to look beautiful by using jewelry or craft containing body parts of animals. And to look beautiful do not have to kill wildlife.

To that end, the organization of wildlife and forest protection, ProFauna Indonesia launched a unique campaign in major cities in Indonesia to urge people especially women to not buy jewelry made from wildlife.

“Based on ProFauna survey, showed that in Bali, Yogyakarta, Banyuwangi, Pangandaran and Jakarta still there or craft jewelry scales containing turtle,” said Chairman of ProFauna Indonesia, Rosek Nursahid when met on the sidelines of the action on Jalan Veteran, Thursday (26 / 4/2012).

Hawksbill turtles, further Rosek, usually used as a wide range of women’s jewelry, bleak bracelets, necklaces, fans, jewelery boxes, and earrings. “It is the largest consumer goods that are women,” he said.

Furthermore Rosek explains, the campaign was conducted in the centers of the city are prone to trafficking of jewelry containing body parts of animals. Interestingly, the campaign consists of beautiful women who unfurled a banner reading ‘Beautiful Appear Without Having to Kill Wildlife’.

“It is not civilized if people beautify themselves by killing wildlife, due to take hawksbill turtles used jewelry it would kill the turtle,” said Rosek.

With a total population of women in Indonesia, more than 127 million people, perwan women in wildlife conservation is vital. “Moreover, Indonesian women generally have more closeness with the child, so have a great opportunity to educate their children in order to take care about the preservation of wildlife clay Indonesia,” he said.

He added that, pursuant to Law No. 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and Ecosystems, protected wildlife traffickers, including parts of his body, could face a prison sentence of 5 years and a fine of Rp 100 million. For that, ProFauna invites women to not buy wildlife such as lemurs, parrots and eagles primates. “By not buying wildlife means to help stop illegal wildlife trade for more than 95 percent of the wildlife trade are caught from the wild,” he said ending

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