Mix Ankle Boots

Custom ideas found at http://troll-beads.blogspot.com

Still no one yet knows what it is Ankle Boots? Ankle Boots are boots that only cover up to the top of the ankle. Ankle boots almost always have a closed end (close-toed) booties while often having an open front (peep-toes). Ankle Boots will make you fabulous when combined with the right and smart. Here are some clothes that fit combined with Ankle Boots: 1. mini-skirt Ankle Boots are very suitable for use with bare-foot or bare feet. And blend mini skirt with Ankle Boots will make you more sexy because it managed to show your beautiful legs. 2. Maxi Skirt Confused to find the right footwear for your Maxi Skirt. Pair with Ankle Boots and you will get a classic look that remains fashionable. 3. leggings Leggings are usually combined with short-dress. Wear Ankle Boots of yours to get a fresh look. 4. Skinny Jeans Not only fit worn with long boots, skinny jeans are also very worn with matching Ankle Boots. 5. pants Skinny pants are not even suitable for use with Ankle Boots, provided that it has the right length, ie leaving only small portions of the visible leg. There are several types of clothing that should be avoided when taking Ankle Boots, among others pants 7/8 (either skinny or not), knee-length skirts without leggings, pencil skirts, shorts and Capri pants.

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