Recognize Mistakes in Using Make Up

Make up course very familiar to the women. Make up is an important part for women in their daily lives. Usually women wear makeup every day to increase the attractiveness or could be due to the demands of the job.

In using make-up there are parts that make-up should be aware that these may increase the attractiveness of its users, rather than vice versa. Of course, the user does not want to make up make-up gives the wrong impression to their appearance. Here is an error that usually occurs in the use of make-up.

The parts make up the need to be aware that the use of foundation, powder, eye shadow, blush and lipstick. Make up part is vital in determining the outcome of your makeup. The first error is usually the case that the use of a foundation that is too thick or the color does not match the color of the skin.

This will make your face like a mask and unnatural. Then be careful to rub the powder, especially powder. If you rub the powder in the wrong section, your face will tend to look dry and can also be powder is actually accentuate wrinkles on your face. Choose eye shadows, blush and lipstick the color to match your outfit.

Eye shadows and lipsticks that are too bright not necessarily good for every appearance. To use a good blush on the cheekbones ie, not on the cheek. So, remember! First impressions usually comes from your appearance.

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