Tips to wear Fashion Animal Print

Want to look sexy and fashionable with your style? Just wear animal print fashion. Create you-you animal lovers, animal print here is not original from animal skins really. So not to worry. Now this animal print fashion is not regarded as a less humane fashion. Precisely fashion animal print in every work of fashion designer-famous designer. Their choice fell on the animal print fashion because it already has a strong character.

But do not let you mix and match patterns one animal print with the other fashion items. One can mix and match the impression messy. Here are some tips for you to mix and match the animal print fashion. Basically animat print has had a wild character. If you want to minimize this wild impression you can memadupadankannya with other classic fashion items. Fashion animal print is also not only with Leopard pattern. You can also try animal print, such as Zebra.

When you wear animal print Leopard, you can pair with other fashion items with a neutral color, such as white or black. Meanwhile, if you wear animal print Zebra, would be more interesting if you pair with bright colors.

But of all of them, the most important time to use animal print fashion that is no exaggeration. That is not to use all the accessories smelling animal print simultaneously. Wear an animal print items is enough to give the impression of strong wild. And finally, you must be confident to wear a fashion item!

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