Choosing a Hair Model Intelligent From Face Shape

Confused to determine hairstyle? The most important in determining a hairstyle that is by looking at the shape of your face. When you understand your face shape, guaranteed you will choose a suitable hairstyle.

There are many facial shapes, including heart face shape, oval shape, round shape and box shape. Each face shape has a characteristic that will determine what the appropriate hairstyle.

Heart face shape identical to the shape of a pointy chin with a firm jaw. Haircut appropriate for this face shape haircuts are light and simple. Long haircut is recommended for this face shape.

For those of you who have an oval face shape, you can relax because this face shape is compatible with many hairstyles. You can cut your hair with a layer bob style, beachy waves or shoulder shags. But not recommended for this face shape hairstyle with high or too increase volume.

For a round face shape, you are advised to choose a hairstyle as opposed to the oval face shape. It would be better for you to have a hairstyle that volume on top like layers bangs. This haircut will disguise the shape of a fat cheeks.

And to shape the face of the box, you better have a medium hairstyle. The purpose of the word medium here is if you have very straight hair, you can add accents waves. But if your hair is curly, it is recommended to thin hair that is not too full in advance. So, how about your face shape?

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