Blending or Body Chain In Dresses

For those of you who claim to be lovers of fashion, you would agree that fashion is not just choosing clothes or shoes that are trends only. But fashion also includes a selection of matching accessories to mix and match the clothes we wear. Usually people would wear a necklace and matching earrings as a sweetener appearance.

But now the accessories are not only limited to necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Once more we see career women who wear the chain around her waist while wearing blouse. But now the chain is not only worn at the waist only. The trend is called body chain chain.

Body chain there are various kinds. There is neck to waist chain worn from neck to waist. Body chain is also good used when wearing a bikini. There are also neck to shoulder chain. Body chain will usually provide classy or elegant feel to your outfit. You could also try wearing neck to arms chain.

Body chain like this can give the impression of interest to clothes or dress that has a very simple models. And the last belly chain. Body chain is the most classic yet always be a trend every year.

Many famous Hollywood artists who often wear body chain in clothes. And sometimes they wear body chain characterizes them in clothes. Call it Rihanna. He often wore body accessories chain with a variety of clothing in a variety of occasions. With so many kinds of body chain, these accessories became popular trend that many fashion lovers.

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