Know the Different Types of Watches

Do you like wearing watches? What kind of watches do you wear? Well, maybe there are some among you who struggle to describe what kind of watches you are wearing. Indeed, there are many kinds of watches on the market. Here we will present information about several types of watches on the market, may be useful for you.

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Chronograph Watch is a clock that we rarely see. This clock is designed to measure the time at the race. Usually this type of clock is equipped with three buttons do the right side to measure time and speed up to 1/100 sec.

Automatic Watch is a clock that its driving force is the movement of the wearer’s hand. So at this type does not use batteries. During the subject, this clock will take energy to drive the hour component. Automatic watch is different from using the Quartz watch quartz mechanism. In this system a kind of crystal quarts a source of power for hours.

Based on the pointer display time, we know of an analog clock, digital clock and clock ana-dig. Analog clock is a clock that comes with three hand clock showing hours, minutes and seconds. A digital clock shows the time via the LCD system. while at ana-dig is a clock that shows the time either through the LCD display or by using the needle.

Based on water resistance, we know the clock is waterproof or water resistant watch and clock are not waterproof. For those of you who are doing activities that require you contact with water, it is better to choose a waterproof clock.

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