Dec 03

How to choose the engagement ring

When we talk about a wedding means that there was a prior commitment between two people, and the engagement ring is a very important part. Every woman is different.
For this occasion we give you some tips for you to consider when choosing the engagement ring your girlfriend. If you look good and pay attention to detail, this search will be easier than you think, and your partner will be delighted.
Engagement ring
1. The most important thing to determine is how much you can spend on the engagement ring.
2. It is very helpful if you take notice of the type of jewelry you wear your girlfriend. Modern or conservative ? Gold or silver ? ? Big, or small ? This will give you an idea of ? what you like.
3. The Diamond. Choosing the stone that accompany many years who will be your wife is a breeze, having determined the budget lets a professional advise you on the diamond 4C (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat ( weight of the stone points ) and help you decide which is right for you. ( an old adage says that the diamond that you choose one )
4. You can use a simple frame like a loner, or add stones to the sides, or special detail. You must also choose if you prefer : yellow gold, white gold, and the caratage 10K, 14K or 18K (note this affects the price of your ring )
5. In many cases should also be listed on recognized jewelers, jewelers professionals having very good reputation. In many cases they can get you a more original ring, or to your taste, and above all a much better price than you could get in a commercial place.
6. How to determine your ring.
A tip if you do not want to realize you’re on the eve of asking is to ask to borrow the ring wearing, playing with, put across your fingers while talks with her about something else ( if fit very well in that finger remains and especially the exact location of the finger).

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