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I have managed to get myself into a mess. Within two hours, Winterbottom had shot my scene a half-dozen times with no coaching other than: "Just ask him like you'd ask anyone for an interview. Why not throw a fawning writer wanting an interview into the mix? Meanwhile, Daisy's mother timidly suggested that it was time for the baby's 4 p. About an hour later, the crew took a break, and Winterbottom, who is 44 but looks younger, approached me appraisingly. Rudin owns the rights to the Jonathan Franzen novel. Stilley is plainly shocked by her first encounter with Her Majesty's press.

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Winterbottom had "forgotten" to get the scene approved by the airport authority. Why do stars put so much faith in you? At the moment I can't really see the wood from the trees. I only mention this because Margo Stilley came to the attention of the public when she starred in 9 Songs, the Michael Winterbottom-directed film billed as the most explicit mainstream film yet. I got told I was a whore and a slut and how could I do it. So she doesn't feel she has been typecast, then? By this time she was 20 years old.

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To view the shows, visit nokia. Alfre Woodard 67 None. Weinstein stopped calling. But why didn't she just reveal who she was? Then suddenly, I started getting calls at 4 in the morning from him. Her hair is pulled back into a severe ponytail and she is wearing no make-up. She tells me she's just got back from China and North Korea.
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