Mar 18

Become an aficionado

Just the term percolates romanticized notions of allure, adventure and a thirst for the impeccable. While technically the term aficionado really only refers to someone who is excited about something, we all know that it goes deeper than that. Excitement does not do justice to the passion and knowledge it implies. When I think of an aficionado, I think of James Bond, or the Dos Equis man, you know, the most interesting man in the world. Men like this retain a confidence and peace about them as though they’ve figured it all out already. The world is their oyster and they have a jar of cocktail sauce, extra potent horseradish and an insatiable hunger. We all want to have this quality, to exude that mysterious je ne sais quoi that will always unhook the velvet rope at the front of the line. The good news is that you can. The better news is that’s it’s not hard. Just be open to refining yourself into a better you.

A Rolex

Having a Rolex is similar to driving a Porsche. It means that you appreciate excellence in performance, but it means that you won’t settle for anything less than what you want. It means that you know the difference between competence and exceptional, magnificent and divine. Wearing a Rolex watch is to connect yourself to a small microcosm of the elite and driven, of the passionate and adventurous. It is a key to the conference room of aficionados. A Rolex is not only innately a symbol of status and taste, it’s also about the most practical timepiece money can buy. Each one is meticulously constructed with precision and inspired perfectionism. If you believe that you are a blossoming aficionado, check out the finest watches at sevenfriday watch or at rolex watch repair los angeles and become truly inspired.

A jukebox

But only if it plays records. We live in an interesting age in which it has become rare to see where your music comes from. Tapes are a thing of the stone age, and even CDs are now obsolete. However, there’s something timeless about the vinyl. There’s something classic, classy and fantastic about having your vinyl in a jukebox. It is the quintessential and self-reflexive toy for the music aficionado and it will inspire countless discussions on your tastes and their origins. It will also keep your house full of your favorite tunes while you’re entertaining. Just like a Rolex, a record playing jukebox is a gem of engineering as well.

Get a wine collection

This seems a little obvious, but for a good reason. Pretty much everyone likes a nice glass of wine, but very few people know what they prefer and why. To become a wine aficionado one must amass a wealth of knowledge on many aspects on the process of wine making as complex and beautiful as your favorite wines. If you live in California, there are so many scenic, picture-book vineyards that dot the country side, and after visiting a few of them, you’ll be hooked on the art that is wine.